UAD Arrow? Time to get in?

Hello people.

I must confess, I’m going back and forth.

Currently running slate everything. Recently put on to the idea of getting the softube tape from Danny in next level mastering. Better alternative to VTM soundwise, cheaper to the ATR-02.

One of the big factors in my mind here with regards to UAD reluctance has been portability. In my mind there would be nothing worse then being on the go and opening up a session and finding that I cant run a certain plug because I didnt bring a big apollo device with me.

A little more to understand, but I am entirely in the box. Aside from tracking my own vox occasionally through an apogee one, I dont need the 1/4 inputs from the apollo or the arrow. Whats very interesting about the arrow though… is the bus power! What gives me pause is only ONE core in that thing. Now with what I understand from UAD users… that one core goes FAST. In my mind makes me thing that ONE core is essentially useless… and if I dont need the ports, maybe worth getting a satellite quad or octo.

Looking for some input here and re: the arrow, one core, and any satellite users. I’d be curious if the satellite is a little more rugged and portable than I’m envisioning in my mind.

UAD used to make the Solo Flash Drive for producers on the go. I never had one but people seemed to really like it… then they discontinued it. I started with UAD ten years ago then got rid of my setup because of the same portability problem. It was always a pain in the behind. Last year I bought an Octo Core and it is pretty awesome but like Danny always says no matter your setup you will eventually run out of power. I’m happy to be back to UAD but it’s still a pain in the behind sometimes not being able to use the plugins if I am on the go. Maybe one day UAD will come up with an option for mobility, but until then the Octo Satellite is a pretty dope option for running UAD processing and I’d highly recommend it. Just wait until they run a special on it though.

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+1 to what @sight said!

Plugin alliance have a few bits that are on UAD, but not enough yet, to come away from UAD.

If you can go to the Octo instead of Quad, you won’t regret. That is once the wallet has mourned its loss…

Thank you both for the replies.

@sight special? you’ve seen them discount the hardware? if so thats awesome

@Elton as soon as you mentioned the wallet my stomach sank knowing how true this is… AHHHHHHHHH

I think I’m just going to bite the damn bullet and get the octo thunderbolt custom.

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If you love plugins and hate the money in your wallet then UAD is the way to go. You should NEVER pay more than $99 for any of their plugins though. It can be done, trust me👍


Definitely go Strategic on the buying. They are forever running sales and giving coupon codes. Also, think about the USB rather than thunderbolt. They have zero speed difference and USB is more common, if you wanted to take it to another machine. I almost bought a thunderbolt card for my PC and the UAD guys confirmed that the actual box didn’t use anything of the physical speed difference that any of the formats offer. So, PCI, USB and Thunderbolt are allegedly the exact same.

I run one on PCI and one on USB and they are both the same.

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very interesting elton! did not know that. I’m a mac user so my instant go to was thunderbolt… but if its just a connectivity thing and not a faster port then it kind of seems like a pigeonhole. much much appreciated!

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didnt know about the 99$ thing. thank you for the heads up!

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@Elton dunno about that m8. Thunderbolt moves at 20Gbps, USB 3.0 moves at 5. Thats data transfer speed and equals faster transfer speed from my understanding. Also USB 3.0 is interchangeable with Thunderbolt so you could actually use it on another machine if you chose to go PC (never ! lol) I think the confusion may possibly be due to PCI Buss Card speeds and not figuring for external connectivity such as that with an OCTO or equivalent

@SmoothSailing what I mean on the hardware specials is like when they give away free OCTO’s with the purchase of a UAD Apollo like they just did, or like in my case I got over a 1000$ in extra plugins and 500$ off the full price when I bought mine (6 months ago)

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@sight I queried this with UAD tech support and they said, although Thunderbolt is faster, it doesn’t help the UAD satellite because the unit doesn’t use the additional speed. So, much like having a sports car in England, it might do 140mph, but you won’t be!! And just for completeness of the analogy, it would be like the car arriving with an irreversible speed limiter fitted!!

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hmmm. funny business. not sure why UAD would make a move like this. most likely due to costs associated with redesigning the hardware/recoding the software to take advantage of updated speeds. much like how they have so much product stock in firewire that they continue with an obsolete format. I know plenty of studios still use firewire but its still obsolete. UAD is bomb but sometimes they just seem to be trailing a little behind the technology curve. I believe you spoke to them on the phone but due to my nature I prob still won’t believe it until I talk to them myself. it just sounds strange. this is from the UAD website:

‘Audio and Video
With 12 times more bandwidth than FireWire 800 and 20 times more bandwidth than USB 2, Thunderbolt speeds enable a laptop to rival desktop studio performance; where Thunderbolt really shines is for sophisticated ecosystems that blend audio/video, backup, and sharing. Think about a typical post-production situation, where video has to fly back and forth among workstations, and multiple people may be accessing audio and video libraries — Thunderbolt is ideal for that scenario. Considering the time studios spend on data transfer, Thunderbolt can boost productivity, thus saving money.’

but regardless of what they claim or don’t claim one sure advantage to Thunderbolt is that you can daisychain apollo interfaces with satellites and experience no decline in link/transfer speed, whereas you will with USB or Firewire.

I actually came across this badboy and its sealed the deal for me.

Comes with these if I get an OCTO… and I’m DEFINITELY going to get an OCTO.

• API Vision Channel Strip
• Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
• SSL E Series Channel Strip
• UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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good for you man, that’s awesome ! you’re gonna love your OCTO, I sure do. happy mixing : )

@sight @Elton @pushandstart Actually I’ve got a follow up question for you gents.

So as mentioned with the UAD promo above, I get these with the bundle
• API Vision Channel Strip
• Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
• SSL E Series Channel Strip
• UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

I’m going to get a custom so I think I’m pretty much decided for the 2 of them


But I’m going back and forth on the 3rd right now.

I have fabfilter everything, soundtoys bundle, slate everything.
Currently I only work on my own projects, and I do not see myself taking on clients any time soon.

I’m weighing out the Fatso and the Manley VOXBOX.
My rationale for the VOXBOX is that I actually do record my own vocals, and it is a 4 in one plugin basically with excellent reviews and a pultec style EQ built in. I currently use the waves pultec and sooner or later will upgrade, but given that resources are finite, I was thinking that VOXBOX could cover alot of ground for me going into UAD for the first time. I was thinking VOXBOX over MassivePassive because I only work on my own tracks ITB so there’s other ways to get the results.

Fatso I’ve been reading can be used in conjuction with the ATR and Studer, but given that I have Decapitator and FabfilterSaturn, I dont know how much more saturation plugs I need.

What do you guys think is the best candidate for a 3rd plugin given my situation?

This is an impossible question and all us UAD guys have asked it before. Don’t worry too much about it because you will end up getting more as you go so it’s really about what you get first. Here are my current favs though

Atr, oxide, La2a, 1176, distressor, culture vulture, api vision channel, vsm-3.

I have about 60-70% of all of them though and ITS NOT ENOUGH!!! Have to catch them all!!!

Oh and don’t forget you can try them all and it resets all of the trials when you make a purchase so if you aren’t sure about culture vulture vs decapitator then shoot them out!!!

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Hi Smoothsailing

I would recommend getting the ATR (or SSL G bus compressor) and FATSO (instead of studer) and the VOXBOX.


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I’d go with the VOXBOX. the Fatso is dope but you also have Slate and can get comparable results with the Distressor and VMR. The massive passive is in a league by itself imo but the VOXBOX will give you what you need. my two cents. happy UADing : )


I second that. I use the vox box a lot more than I do the fatso. Don’t get me wrong, the fatso is great, it’s just (especially with recent additions in Slate) you can as said above achieve similar on Slate.


Just bought! But guess what!? No Thunderbolt cable included… FML. Didn’t realize until I got home. Almost there! So close yet so far! Sigh… I’ll scoop one tomorrow