UAD Sale - things to consider for mastering?

Hi…I’m not even out of mixing foundations, yet! But are there any must have UAD plug-ins for advanced mixing or mastering that I should consider? Thanks!

Hey Derek,

I went through the ‘recommended plugin list’ for each of the courses to create my list. Thinking on the same lines as you I think. Better to get them now so that when we ‘need’ them, we don’t have to pay full price! Doing a lot of reading up, it seems to be ‘choose to taste’. So I now have the Neve, API and SSL channel strips as well as the Manley Voxbox. however, I bet I end up using the SSL for 90% just because it seems that was the one for Trance. I have used the Manley on the vocals for the mix though.

These are the UAD one’s Danny recommends on Ultimate Mastering;
ATR 102, SSL E Strip, Neve 31102, Massive Passive MST, Manley VariMU, Oxford Inflator (native or UAD).

The channel strips/tape soon run through DSP. I reckon 3 per DSP core max so even a UAD2 Quad will need a lot of bouncing by the time we get to Bussing and Mastering!!

thanks, elton! much appreciated. yeah, i have an apollo twin quad…gonna run out of UAD DSP! thank goodness for slate, waves, and other things! :slight_smile:
i’m thinking of getting massive passive, fatso jr/sr, and ssl channel strip…although i have the waves version and am not sure it’s not good enough for now…i mean…i’m not mixing grammy records. and the slate products are pretty cool, too.
on another note, very sorry to hear about the attacks in england this weekend…i hope you, your family, and friends are all safe. just crazy stuff.

Hey thanks Derek, these are interesting times and nowhere seems untouched.

I am loving Slate. in the mix challenge, i have even turned off Altiverb this week and gone back to Slate reverb. I am sure Altiverb is better, but not in my hands currently!! Need more lessons…

Yes, the MP and Fatso are awesome and you will not regret… I see your point on the SSL, perhaps demo it and a/b with Waves? I don’t own Waves version so cannot comment but I have always preferred the UA over Waves on the duplicates I own. The UAD SSL does use a lot of DSP so I would also factor that into your consideration.