UAD SSL 4000G Bus Compressor

Is it me…or is this thing insanely good? I just demo’d it and I can’t believe how it sounds. TOTALLY changes things…like…it’s awesome. Anyone use it a lot and is it worth the $299? Seems like it to me but wanted to ask you all. Thanks!

It is insanely good!!!

My mix bus tip of the week is, API 2500 followed by SSL G Bus:
The API has a tight and punchy sound and oozes clarity. The SSL is fat and smooth and glues your mix together.


@derekjuan, if you can, get it. Paul advised me on this previously and I added it to a mix already set up of my own and just adding it, made me go wow! I did my usual wringing the most out of the various UAD offers etc. to keep the cost down, but oh boy! Missed you last night by the way. Got in from work at 12 midnight UK time, so 4 hours late for school. Will have caught up by Thursday so teacher doesn’t notice I wasn’t there!!

@Paul, interesting that you say the API then SSL. I tried SSL then SSL and I am just not getting on yet with the SSL channel strip (yet). I used the API and the Neve and they both gave a better result for me at my [low!!] level of skill. I wonder if the API gives a better ‘instant’ sound and the SSL needs someone with experience?

Depends on the track for what channel strip, sometimes the SSL is best, sometimes it comes last. I meant API 2500 Bus Compressor into SSL G Bus Compressor in previous post not API Vision Channel Strip.

Ah OK. I have these so will try out.

When I used the SSL Channel Strip on the master, for some reason it completely changed the balance of everything. Remember, this is after Mixing Foundations and before Next Level Mixing, so more likely me than the tools. By the end of Next Level Mastering I will hopefully look back at these posts and think ‘really!’ Also, I wasn’t mixing into my Mix Buss obviously. So much to learn…

Yeah, the SSL definitely changes the balance, especially lows and highs.

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Glad it wasn’t just me!

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Thanks for the responses guys. yeah…i’m gonna get it. Really too good!

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