SSL Waves Channel Strip on Master Bus

Hey Guys,

Just completing the advanced mixing course. Danny mentions putting a UAD SSL Channel Strip on the master bus or the UAD Neve Channel Strip on the Master Bus. And then leaving it on default. I have the waves SSL Channel Strip and the Slate VCC. I actually like the waves SSL channel strip more than the slate. Do any of you use the waves SSL Channel Strip on the master bus? Do you just use it on default? I noticed that the default for the waves is slighty different than the UAD SSL? Should I match the default on the UAD SSL or just retain the default settings on the Waves SSL?

All the best mixers!


I tend to use ssl from waves, for some reason UAD make the sound more full

I personally dont like the tape machine from waves… slate got this

Use your ears and find whats the difference :slight_smile:

Answering your question Keep using default settings

Hey Benedikt

Use whatever sounds the best! I like the waves ssl but you have to make sure to turn the analog on to get the saturation…