UAD 9.1 brings all-new UAD SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

Anyone tried already? Seems to be great update.

Also better Moog filters look really nice:

I will be making a Youtube video for this this weekend!


Excellent, I will look forward to it!

I am currently working on a plug-in analysis thread for the SSL, which will be posted next week.

It is a great release, I have already purchased the Moog filter and will be picking up the SSL and OTO Machines in the coming weeks I am sure.

I had a $50 coupon so the upgrade for the Moog Filter was an easy choice. I don’t know about the OTO BISCUIT 8-bit Effects … seems like it might duplicate other plugins I have from iZotope.

so just to be clear…does the saturation increase by driving the input or not?..or are we not totally sure yet?

The louder the signal the more harmonics are generated. If you put a -12 dB signal into the SSL and boost the Line gain by 12 dB it will produce the same harmonic generation as putting a 0 dB into the Line at unity. Harmonic content is level dependant, though, more gain equals more harmonic content. However, phase response does change considerably depending on how hard you are pushing the Line/Mic Input, so driving the input has a pleasing audible effect on the source, unlike changing the source input level.

hey paul…ok…got it…i tried it out on our mastering shootouts and it sounded very good, very HD…a little on the bright side in general…i will do more testing today…could you possibly create a post explaining the role of phase, what you are looking for and why?