Line or Mic input on UAD Channel Strips

Hey Mixing Community,

I’ve been using a tip from Danny where I put a UAD Channel stip on a channel. Add some gain on the channel and back off a bit on the output. This adds some nice saturation. Then I render the track and starting channel stripping.

Today I was doing this on vocals and was wondering if I would be selecting the Mix preamp instead of the Line. I like the sound of the line better though. I searched the interweb high and low but could not get an answer.



Go with the one that sounds best for each sound. The line inputs use to be cleaner.

fortunately this is one of those things where it is down to YOUR taste

pre-amp flavour in general is down to your taste

trust your EARS bro!

Agree with above, I have done a few ‘Plug-in Analysis’ topics on this forum that look at the different saturation characteristics of the UAD channel strips just search the forum for ‘UAD Plug-in Analysis’ or search topics by me and they should all show up.

there is some great knowledge in your analysis.
how about your own section paul?

maybe you ll get some more attention from other users that way and we will all benefit from better interactivity and more user comments!

Thanks Lukas, yeah that would be cool. I am looking at doing some more of these analysis in the near future.