UAD: Thinking of buying an Arrow, but

Hey Guys!

I was thinking of buying a UAD Arrow, mainly for using Plugins mentioned / recommended from the Mixing/Mastering Course. So I did a bit of research and stumpled upon a list which contained general DSP usage Info from individual UAD plugins.

Is it correct that, for example the Massive Passive, Culture Vulture or even the SSL-E Channel Strip is consuming up to 70% DSP on 48k in Stereo?

Because if that would be true, I dont think an Arrow with one Core would be a realistic Option if I could run just one Plugin with it.

Curious what your thoughts and/ or experiences are.

Here is the Link for the DSP Chart provided by UAD:

regards from Vienna,

Yes, some of the plug-ins are DSP hogs. You can disable DSP load lock, which will save DSP on say the channel strips when you have sections disabled e.g. the compressor. I have an octo and often run out, I tend to bounce after utilising channel strips and tape.

thanks for your fast reply paul!

with this information in my mind, i think i´ll stick to my motu track a little more, until i can afford a bigger one.

on the other hand: you are able to put the UAD stuff in serial, or?!

Yes, you can use UAD products in series. They do sound very good, just remember to pick the plug-ins up during sales the three big ones are black friday, Christmas holiday and summer holiday.


Totally second what Paul said. DO NOT PAY FULLPRICE for UAD plugins. Their half yearly sale is phenomenal. I got 8 plugs for what their 3 plugin bundle normally costs.

One chip will be a struggle though, so either hold up on the arrow, or get the arrow and chain an octo. I’ve had the octo since february, there’s no going back. Love UAD. ATR ON MIXBUS IS @^GOCWVOI^V@O^GHWSS!!!

Just saw this thread and wanted to chime in. I love my Apollo and UAD plugs, however they should definitely no longer be selling 1 sharc chip interfaces at all. Kinda ridiculous. Unless you mainly want a Twin Solo for a monitor controller paired with a rack Apollo (what I did).

You can use several of the legacy ones which are decent, but it would be a total tease. At first I had a Duo and that was passable for a couple tracks at a time, while tracking. Or using a handful of plugins. But I’d say wait till an interface comes with a free satellite or hold out for the X6 which ships with 6 chips. That would be pretty solid…

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Agreed! I literally scoffed out loud when I saw one chip in the Arrow. I wipe my ass with one chip.

I could see them launching a 6 chip apollo twin next year with thunderbolt 3.

thanks for your answers guys. i´ll stick to my motu for now and start saving :wink: