UAD 9.2 release: SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor, Plate reverb and more

UAD 9.2 update brings two plugins developed by UA: SSL 4000 G bus compressor and new Plate reverb. Plus couple of other plugins from their partners: new amp by Softube - Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier, Antares Auto-Tune and new amp from Brainworx - Fuchs Train II Amplifier


G Bus will be getting bought today! I have been wanting a mkii for ages. I am not as fussed with the others; however, I will demo them all just in case…

I use the VBC grey of Slate for the moment, I think it has a better result, but I would be interested to test the new Glue of UAD

Demoed it last night, all I can say is it is tight, punchy and open sounding. Sounds very much like the hardware and can be pushed like the hardware and unlike the legacy. The legacy sounds flat, dull and lifeless in comparison, which is funny because I did like the sound of the legacy before hearing the mkii. I think the legacy will still have some uses but…

Finally sidechain filter in SSL compressor.