Which Plugin next?!

OK guys, I want your views…

As with probably most people, there isn’t an endless budget. Being part of MMWA is really upping my game, but costing me a fortune in kit (thanks Danny! :joy:

I have Slate subscription, UAD quad with ATR 104, Manley Voxbox and API vision strip. I also have soundtoys, Fabfilter and both Valhalla. Along with various other ‘pre school’ stuff from Waves etc, so generally a lucky boy. My PC is recent and massively spec’ data.

What I don’t want to do is just to be ‘all the gear, no idea’. I want my tracks to sound better. We used Altiverb this week. My question is; would I benefit more from Altiverb than say SSL buss compressor. I know they are completely different by the way. That is actually the point. So, I could get more UAD power and put ATR 104 on more channels instead of Slate tape. Again, completely different.

I am guessing there will be varying views, so I just wanted to find out yours. Over time, I am sure I will get more than just one more tool, but right now based on what I have, would you say will make the most difference?

P.s. I am producing uplifting trance mainly and like a nice bright, full, but with clarity/space sound. Think epic super saw, solid kick…

Over to you… (and thanks in advance for helping me save my kids from inheritance tax)

I love the SSL G Bus Compressor sounds amazing and I highly recommend it but if you have the Slate bundle it is not a necessary but a luxury.

Do you already own a convolution reverb? I only purchased Altiverb a month or so back, I didn’t like the price tag so kept putting off buying it but it is worth every penny and has really improved my sound.

Ultimately, I would get both but if it is a choice out of one or the other get the one with the least overlap with the plug-ins you already own.

Altiverb will serve you very well for uplifting trance music, so will the SSL G Bus, it is tight, punchy and open sounding.

If you do decide UAD, remember next month is the huge summer sale so I would hold off any purchase until then.

Thanks Paul, that is awesome input, especially the UAD sale. I am in that place where the cost of Altiverb is like ‘ouch’ and I thought we were supposed to use Valhalla. The problem is (hence my all the gear, no idea comment) is that I don’t yet have the education to know when to use each one (I am currently on mixing foundations, but going all the way through to next level mixing and mastering).

In reality, there is nothing stopping me getting both. I just want to avoid buying things because I don’t already have them. I have so much Waves stuff that I just don’t use anymore for example. I do also fancy the Moog filter on the UAD side of life too!! Aaaaarghhh! Too much temptation.

So, to summarise, I get Altiverb this month (damn you for opening my eyes Danny!) and then go raid UAD next month on the sale… Oh dear, someone keep the wife off this forum!!

Yeah, it sounds like Altiverb is your best choice at the moment. If you live in U.S. speak to Danny about his Sweetwater contact for student discount. If E.U. audiodeluxe.com would be my go to, they always have great discounts and less taxes…

Thanks Paul, Just emailed AudioDeluxe to find out how to apply the student discount.

Hi Elton,

No student discount at audiodeluxe as far as I am aware, but they often have great deals and coupons when adding products to cart. There is no 20% VAT added for E.U. citizens like some other stores, I see your based in UK, like me, which certainly adds up and worth considering.

They might offer you student discount though, which would be cool. It is Sweetwater that offers student discount through Danny but then you have to pay 20% VAT at Sweetwater, so it is worth see which one is cheaper, it is what I did and at the time audiodeluxe had a great Easter deal on

I have emailed Sweetwater too and will ask Danny if I don’t get a response. I can claim the VAT back, so currently it is either 520 dollar or 499 euro (£404 or £434 respectively). I also saw audieze on a forum saying they don’t discuss discounts on forums but to email, so I have emailed them too! this is for the standard, not the XL but I am guessing that is all I need for EDM/music rather than post production etc. I don’t do 5.1 surround for example.

Thanks again Paul…

Just an update for anyone reading this in the future and looking at Altiverb.

Sweetwater have provided a student discount for MMWA students and as Paul says, Audiodeluxe don’t. I won’t post the exact amount as they may change it over time and I don’t want to put them in an embarrassing position! but the $520 price above was already a sale price ($595 retail) and the student discount definitely beat that.

I did also email Auioease and had no reply. Thumbs up Sweetwater, you deserve a shout out!

Oh, and thumbs up too Danny for arranging these discounts…


Hi Elton, I’d be interested to buy Altiverb as well. And yeah, this plugin is terribly expensive, so any discount would be welcome. Do you think the offer you talked about is still available, and if yes, could you explain to me the process step by step I should follow?
In any case, thanks for all.

Altiverb is very very good. Especially with some of the additions since I bought it. @Danny knows the guy to email with your request. I can’t find the email I sent but if Danny can pass on to you, then you just email with the enrollment letter… He then sent a ‘coupon code’ from what I remember.


As always, thank you Elton for your nice and detailed feedback. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,just for the record,Plugin discount making Altiverb for me at 441.89$.
Look with us,(I am in Europe,i dont know if is a matter for the price)Also I didn’t remember if is with EDU or not.Ask them

$441.89 is their normal sale price (not edu) for the "Regular” version. Good price!
$763.98 for the "XL” version.