New Waves Scheps Omni Channel strip

Did you guys catch a glimpse of this? Released today. Looks wonderful. Have yet to test drive it.

love the feature where you can switch between compressor types and plugin will more or less manage the gain levels so you don’t get big jumps in gain and can compare the characteristics of the compressors more easily.
and Scheps’ video overview of the plugin is about as good a sales pitch and explanation of how it works as you could possibly ask for.
and only $49.95 at the moment.
but the problem is when you already have every UAD compressor, every Slate compressor, and a bunch of other awesome compressors…
do I really need another?!

I hear that one! And then it is remembering what each one is good for…

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Well, I had a chance to pick up the plugin. It is certainly efficient and sounds great. I did however take a few minutes to look specifically into it’s PRE (saturation) section to be able to compare it to Decapitator. I found the Scheps to be much subtler in the amount of energy it adds and more importantly, it is far less complex in the harmonic content it generate. Just thought I’d share for those who might care!


Thanks for the analysis part Paul. Some people say you should ‘go by your ears’ and ultimately that is what we have to do, but you can ‘get there’ quicker if you know technically what each tool is adding. It helps you reach for the right one first…