UAD EL8 Distressor!

The wait is over and we can head to the shoot out (Slate’s Stress, Fatso and the new Distressor).

@Danny, where and when? :wink:


Maybe also add the one from Sknote to the comparison.

I second that on the Sknote version. If its any good it sure is alot cheaper. Also the Fatso doesn’t need to be in the shootout because its not comparable to the distressor. Totally different piece of hardware.

Both the Slate & the UAD emulations kick ass! I decided to go with UAD today though since they are running their holiday sale. Did the buy 3 get the 4th free plus used a $25 coupon. So for a grand total of $374 I got the Distressor, Harrison 32 EQ, Chandler Mastering EQ, and the API 2500 Bus Comp. Couldn’t be happier! I think Empirical Labs endorsing UAD’s version of the distressor vs Slate says a lot too so I think I made the right call going with Universal Audio. They never let me down!

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