Hot Musical EQ

Hi guys

I know that a lot of you guys have UAD and well those are top vst , but for those who cant afford right now UAD here is a smart solution!

I already Test Diamond EQ in my masterings and wow… the Hi end is amazing I think better than a puigtec and the mid range guys!! you can test the trial version

Have a nice mastering session :slight_smile:


I think it is @justin who loves there stuff too.

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Oh yes. I prefer the sound of many of those plugins to the UAD emulations. Really great stuff.

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Its worrying (for all of us that mortgaged the houses for UAD), to find this out!! :smile:

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The UADs are still great to use when the CPU is working too hard. That is the main reason for me having a few of those boxes. On the other hand, Acustica Audio just released Core 11 which includes the feature of using other computers/servers for doing the hard DSP work. Not sure if the new generation server software is released yet though.

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how can you use antoher computer? that is new for me haha

diamond eq is a dsp eater!!

Have you heard of Nebula 3 Server? It’s not for sale anymore, but that one could be used to put the load on other computers. It was then only for Nebula Libraries.

One of the news with Core 11 (their newest Core which came just a couple of months ago with Lemon) is this: “Client/server architecture supported also in Acqua plugins”. I can’t find any info about this working with Nebula 4 yet… but very soon I hope?

hope one day! I like the quality of this plugins… I think the only bad thing is the bypass is a little to slow but never been so happy with plugins haha diamond eq just open a new process on my masterings

Yeah @Elton , I think Acustica’s great. This EQ has an amazing sound as well. The high and low end are a lot like the Massive Passive and the mid boost is really like nothing else I’ve heard. Just slight boosts on this are equivalent to much larger boosts on other plugins… A little goes a very long way… The preamp on this is great too, causes a lift in the mids and highs…

Yes! They’re stuff is CPU heavy. I either bounce in place in Logic or resample in Live.

It looks like they will be releasing either a DSP box or dedicated rack mounted computer for hosting plugins sometime in the next year :heart_eyes:

(Don’t quote me though, no one knows for sure what it is! That said it looks rack mountable and says ‘Node’ so pretty sure it’s something along those lines. :wink: )