Acustica Audio: Highest quality EQ's?

I have yet to encounter any mention of Acustica Audio on this forum, or in any of the course material and webinars.

Their EQ’s are revered for being the highest quality available ITB; I have read many accounts of individuals preffering them to UAD.

The difference in their FIR technology compared to conventional Algorithmic is something that I have yet to experientally validate the quality of; has anyone else?

I plan to trial them shortly.

They also have a significant student discount (30%)!

Is anyone else on board with the statement that we should trial these plug-ins and attempt to establish MMW discount eligibility?!

This could be the month to spend, baby! UAD Sale and Acustica Audio EQ’s! This rounds on me, boys!

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Looks like I’m drinking alone, haha.

Hey @Story, don’t want you drinking alone now!

I haven’t come across them and right now, I have so much new kit to learn, I have to stop buying and start getting good at what I have. That said, if you are gonna trial the EQ anyway, you could always do a @Paul style review to let everyone else know what you find??

Happy pioneering my friend… I will keep an eye out!