Free plugins & "no brainers"

Let’s help each other find great deals on plugins!

First out is a free copy of Overloud GEM EQ550 ->
They give 1000 free licenses. This deal is active from March 12th to 18th. After that, the price will be $139.

I’ve never tried this plugin, but their latest plugins seems to be very well received on forums around the world. Worth trying!


@01010110 just scoooped it! don’t have the 550 on UAD so this should be interesting! Thanks for the recommend

Thanks for the heads up @01010110 ! Just got my license, tried activating the standalone but it insists I’m not online. Will try later from my Daw. Good find!

Some of you may use this one already but it’s really a great meter with plenty of calibration options and settings for both mixing and mastering, and it’s a bit easier on CPU than Izoptope if you need to conserve.

And this is a great little VU Meter that I use probably more than any other meter I have.
Version 1:
Version 2:


Some free Acustica plugins:

Charly: (Convolution based Tube-Tech Summing Amp):

Acustica Tan: (Single band convolution of IGS Multicore Compressor)

Acustica Ochre: (Convolution of SAE 2800 EQ Clone)