Use those EDU discounts!

I’ve been emailing everyone I buy plugins and sample libraries from asking about academic pricing… So far virtually everyone’s accepted it, even some of my favorite Kontakt vendors like Spitfire Audio and Cinesamples…

Just wanted to post up that I’ve gotten academic pricing on a lot of 3rd parties not listed under the usual suspects like FabFilter, iZotope, Soundtoys etc…

So far these vendors have honored Academic pricing:

DMG Audio
Spitfire Audio
String Audio
Acustica Audio

Take advantage, saved a ton! :slight_smile:

(Might also be a good idea to keep this list running, as may be some would be willing to work out an ongoing deal with the school… Post up if there are any others that honored your enrollment letter…)

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3 more that have honored the academic pricing for me:


Thanks for sharing this.
We also had confirmation that our students get edu-discounts from these vendors:

  • Plugin Alliance
  • Flux
  • Selected Steinberg products (search for their Academic program)
  • Presonus in US via Sweetwater

For Sound Design students we offer discounts on AAS and Serum

Companies that don’t have Edu programs:

  • Slate Digital
  • Softube
  • Universal Audio

I love the Albion stuff in Spitfire so I am heading over there for Christmas!!

mmmh, I guess those don’t apply to mixmsterwyatt students ?
Or would I have any chance to get an EDU discounts at Flux for being a student here ?

@thebob, I just ask as a matter of course. Not everyone will offer educational discounts, but a lot do. Just every time you want (need!) something, ask the question and your enrolment letter is your ‘proof’ when they ask for it.

Super last minute, but FYI Spitfire Audio has extended EDU discounts through tomorrow… (They have EDU normally, the discount is deeper until tomorrow night…)

If you’re in the market for some amazing orchestra libraries they’re top drawer…

Looks like Spitfire pushed the EDU discount back to the end of October, (31st)…
@Elton thought you might appreciate this as you mentioned liking them quite a bit…

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Lined up to get Tundra! Just for those ‘edge of silence’ moments!! Thanks for the heads up Justin.

Now need some time to start playing with this stuff. Since last writing anything, I have managed to obtain the Access Virus (Ti), Analog Lab and Tundra (later today). Just need to crack the mixing and mastering so I can get back to Kristin and improve my composition and start writing new stuff.

Knowing how much I want to improve my music and how much time it will need, I am the opposite of The Who. “I hope I die when I’m really old!!”

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any tested this discount on Slate digital?

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Just wantet to add that Steinberg also offers Edu. discounts when enrolled at the Mixmaster academy. I got Cubase Pro 9,5 at serious discount. If anyone needs that info :slight_smile:

That’s great, 50% discount?

From my calculations more like 40%. But still a good deal!

Hi, I’m considering Cubase.

It’s not the Student version right? It’s the full 9.5 but with purchase discount?

What do we need to do? Any help very appreciated!



It’s the educational version of cubase pro 9.5, so basically you can’t sell it. But you can upgrade later to non-educational version later if you need to. All you have to do is go to and purchase the educational version, and then you’ll be prompted to send some proof of enrollment letter for them to confirm your course enrollment at MMW.

Just to leave on record there is also the option of crossgrade - in my case it was cheaper than educational and it’s a full version. I had Ableton and they gave me the discount right away.


I recently got EDU discount from SuperMegaUltraGroovy to purchase their FuzzMeasure. I think I got 50%. Awesome app by the way!
Link ->

In the new school ‘dashboard’ area, we have a section for edu discounts and enrollment letters are created automatically so that as soon as you are enrolled, you can see loads of places where other students have already used their enrollment letter to gain educational discount.

When you get to the page, if you find one missing where you already receive your educational discount, please let us know. That way the page (with direct links to the edu pricing area on the respective site) can keep growing.

I think a form on the page to notify the school of a new discount would be good. I will put that on the list to do!!

Hi guys. I tried to buy Cubase Educational version and my enrollment letter (from nextlevelsound) has been refused. Any tip?

@Danny has a contact in Steinberg that could help. After all, Next Level Sound is a certified Cubase training centre. It may be they recognise the old MMWA and need updating on the Next Level stuff?