FYI: Sonarworks Reference offers 50% EDU Discounts

This is already stated in the “Get hose EDU Discount” Thread, but as it isn´t the freshest Thread in the World, I can confirm that you get 50% Discount with the Enrollment Letter.

The only thing you have to be aware, is that the Discount is only working for their digital Products. So if you´re planning to buy their Mic as well, keep that in mind.

I´m more than hapy with the Software! It took my Headphone listening Game to a whole new Level and even the Sound in my (untreated, slope ceiling) Room sounds WAY better than before!
For me round about 150€ very well spent :slight_smile:

I spent quite a bit of time and effort in treating my space and the Sonarworks Measure just helped to make it exponentially better. The Reference software using the resulting profile and the ones for headphones are nothing less than game-changing IMO. Worth every penny. And they provide great support too.