Sonarworks Headphone Calibration

Hey Guys,

I’ve recently purchased sonarworks system wide. I really like how it treats my HD 650’s. I was curious if anyone on here has sent in their headphones to be individually calibrated. If so, was there a big difference between the plugin and individual calibration?

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there is a thread on here with some good information about this already. check it out…

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Do you use Reference 3 with any external sound card (ex: Apollo Twin)

Thanks I’ll check it out

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Yes I use a focusrite scarlett 6i6

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But when we travelling, can we use Reference 3 without external sound card to get the same quality audio for mixing

If you like the system its certainly worth individual calibration for headsets. The model analysis is an average and the individual analysis can deviate quite a bit from that median graph. The application of the tailored settings really gives that extra 10% wow.

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@tyadcock I actually shared a graph of my calibrated HD650 in the thread Using a Plugin on the Built In Output of Mac for Headphone Correction.

Looking at it says it all :grin:

Well that made my mind up. Definitely sending my headphones in. Thanks!