Sennheiser 650 vs 660, getting ready to buy one of these

Hi guys

I’m getting ready to buy some mixing and mastering headphones and I know Danny likes the Sennheiser 650, I know that they came out with the 660’s and are discontinuing the 650’s, there are some on amazon brand new for $319 right now. As far as the 660’s, reading reviews people seem to say they completely drop off after 14k, but I seen reviews where people talk crap about too much low end on the 650, so I just wanted too know if you’ve tried the 660’s and if you would recommend them over the 650’s, thanks

Also check out the Massdrop 6xx - they’re really great actually.

sup robbyt

I just got 650’s in th today, they’re super accurate but do I need a headphone amp? they’re lower than my akg mth 40’s, I’m plugging straight into an Apollo

I just don’t know if they’re accurately representing the lows

I have the MassDrop 650s and love them. I don’t use an amp with mine

I think you be fine with the Apollo pre, the 650s have a roll off in the lows which is what you are hearing. This can be rectified with Sonarworks. I used to use a second pair of headphones DT770s for low end before purchasing Sonarworks, now I jsut use the 650s.

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do you use the Sonarworks Systemwide or Daw version?

I like to be able to reference outside of my daw while working in my daw,

650’s definitely usable just a little lower than I expected, I ended up buying this amp and it works great MASSDROP X ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP (CTH)

I use the system wide version

I use both. I have my set to switch between the DAW version of Sonarworks when I am working in the DAW and then Systemwide when I doing everything outside of the DAW

Start out without an amp, and then pick one up later. It’s like getting a new pair of heaphones for free :slight_smile:

thanks for bringing this up. Was going to ask the same question.

Do you guys think the Sennheiser+Sonarworks are good enough for making a final mix? As a solid alternative to monitors?

I had to master for several months with Sonarworks and 650’s and had no complaints. I just had to be extra careful with width.

I understand that the 650 and 6XX are the exact same, but the 6xx is just a little cheaper. Does anyone have any experience with both of them?

would be great if we could get some unbiased confirmation on the matter😊