Won sonarworks headphones

I’m sorry I have to post this here to people who can actually appreciate it!

Only have 2-3 producer friends in the real world so I have to share my excitement here!

As if I needed another reason to love sonarworks!

Can’t wait until they arrive in the mail!


damn!! congrats :smiley: , tell us when you get it and make a small review :slight_smile:

nice mate! congrats!! do some noise in that magic room! cheers!

Congratulations @SmoothSailing! The SRH1540 was one of the top contenders on my closed-back wish list. It was only more “foldable”. I’m looking forward to your first impressions!

@Marius @buslik @lexwolker I’m glad you guys appreciate my excitement! Fortunately they express shipped them so I’m going to have them by Friday! Will post again once I’ve busted them out!

Man that is awesome! Congrats!

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@BigBreakMusic @marius @buslik @lexwolker

Okay here’s the review. I’ve been using the same pair of Sennheiser HD650s since 2011. They are open and I can wear them all day at home and they will be fine comfort wise.

I’ve traditionally never recorded my own vocals at home, but a few weeks ago I tried it out, and the first immediate in your face problem is that the Sennheiser’s being open headphones bleed ALLLLLL the track noise. They are unusable for vocal tracking because of that.

So I knew I needed a good pair of closed headphones and sure enough won these.

I have to say that they are beyond a doubt the best closed headphones I have owned. I dont claim to be a headphone affonciado so I’m almost certainly going to lack a detailed description. My initial impressions are that the mids are extremely detailed. More so than my HD650s. A few mix problems that had been previously unheard, jumped out at me immediately with the shure’s.

Here’s the issue though, and why its not actually a fair comparison at this very moment. The shure’s came precalibrated with a sonarworks individual calibration, meaning that with sonarworks on, the frequency response is +/- .9db accurate. Meaning that its a very flat and accurate response. My Sennheiser’s are just using the stock calibration for HD650s that ships with all sonarworks software so the accuracy is only +/- 3db, which being a range of 6db, leaves alot of room for innacurate listening. I’ve been wanting to send them in for an individual calibration for quite some time… but did not want to have no pro headphones for 4 fucking weeks. Now that I have these Shure ones, going to replace the earpads on the sennheiser’s and send them to sonarworks for an individual calibration. Had no idea that aged and broken in earpads can actually affect the frequency reponse until last week. Mine are a little collapsed at the top from wear and I’ve been told that that will affect the soundstage which totally makes sense.

Here’s one thing I can say about the Shure’s though, I’ve already noticed that my ears get a little sweaty starting as soon as an hour. Rarely if EVER had this with the Sennheiser’s. I guess that is one distinct advantage of open headphones.

How I think I will end up proceeding is using the calibrated Sennheisers for my all day mixing and then doing mix checks and recording with the Shure’s. Also any time where I would want high quality sound outside of my home, I will now bring the Shure’s. You cant wear HD650s anywhere because they bleed sound like a motherfucker and while some people are fine to be “THAT GUY” on the bus/train/plane… I much prefer keeping my tunes to myself.

I’ll post again in a month or so once the Sennheiser’s get calibrated and sent back to me.