Remember to ask for Educational discounts

Hey guys,

This is just a heads up for those that are not already doing this. I now ask everyone for the student discount even if they are not listed on the MMWA list. Sonarworks (headphone calibration software in my case) apply 50% student discount. Every little helps and typically you just email them the enrolment letter. Although Altiverb wont directly, you can go to Sweetwater and they will for example. Any tips like this would be helpful for us all, so do share them on here (please!)…


I’m going to try Sonarworks, when they can fix their server. Thanks for sharing that info buddy!! What do you use and how do you find it for mixing?



I have literally just downloaded the headphone calibration plugin. I only became aware of it on a MMWA-F (see what I did there?!) post the other day! Can’t believe I spent out on the Audeze LCD-2’s to find that even they need calibration!

It will be good though. I have been using an unscientific method myself of ‘making an opposite eq to what I hear different in the car etc’. This just does it so much better and more accurate. I don’t use my monitors now for mixing. As you can see from the webcam, I have some treatment in the studio, but I am no pro, so don’t trust the room like I would my headphones. Also the room is 11’x9’x’8’ so not too far off a perfect box - not good. The walls are deliberately tapered, but even still as I say, I am no pro!

Hi Elton,

They’ve now got it working…finally! Anyone reading this is wondering if they should buy this plugin, don’t think twice, do it! I’ve also obtained a code for a discount, sweet! :slight_smile:
Excellent little app, I think I’ve found a new way to mix. You can hear all the detail in a great way!
Unfortunately I think you’ll find all headphones have quirks and need calibrating.
I’m now on it, plus a happy bunny, it is literally music to my ears haha :wink:

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I need help how to set sonarworks up it took all the power from my system using systemwide

Hi Bernard,
Hope you’re ok. I’ll try to explain as best as I can via text.

Ok, Sonarworks turns down the sound automatically (mine turns down by -6.1dB) to avoid clipping;

Now you can turn this off with this little slider;43

Then you can move the main slider to what ever volume you need (during mixing/listening etc);

When you don’t need to use it, or you need to bounce your mix turn the plugin off completely, you do this because it still keeps the volume down, even while it’s bypassed.

Let me know if that works for you as I think that’s your problem.

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Awesome tutorial Mr Linear…

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For over 100 years lol :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip, saving me some money and improving my output (hopefully). Just sent two headphones their way. From what I read, their average settings only give you some 80% accuracy, so customisation is worth the extra dollars (in particular if it only costs 50%).

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Hi Elton,

if I were to buy Altiverb from Sweetwater - would you recommend Altiverb 7 or Altiverb 7 XL?


I dont use the XL as that is more about doing post production (higher res, 5.1 surround). For music production, you dont need XL. Save the money!