Sonarworks PlugIn for Headphones

Hey guys,

i think some of you already use the Sonarworks Headphone calibration PlugIn. Im running the free trial right now and it seems very cool. But my question is:

When inserting the Sonarworks PlugIn as my last PlugIn on my Masterchannel the sound on my master gets turned down at least 2-4 dB. I think thats to protect it from clipping as the PlugIn pushes some frequencies to flatten it out.

But then it happens if i mix as usual and i want to bounce the mix when im finished (with the Sonarworks PlugIn turned off) i have a mix which is clipping since im suddenly 2-4 dB louder with the Sonarworks turned off.

Does that mean that i have to mix with this in mind that the mix at the end is going to be 2-4 dB louder? Am i misunderstanding something?

I would appreciate your help since i really want to understand this :smiley:


I just answered it myself :smiley:
You just need to put a meter right in front of the Sonarworks PlugIn. So for proper leveling you don’t look at the Peak Meter of your Output but on the Meter you put right before the Sonarworks PlugIn.

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Hi Frieder, there’s another thread there with the discussion on putting plugins on the output. And Sonarworks recently got an update that allows you to use it on the output of your computer rather than putting it as an insert on the mixbus. Check it out - there’s some interesting stuff there. Using a Plugin on the Built In Output of Mac for Headphone Correction

Thanks Mike for the info. I opened a new one since i did not want to get in the way of the discussion :smiley: but im going to delete this thread to keep it clean :slight_smile: