Hi everyone. Work got in my way and I got WAY behind with my mixing work. So I have a BASIC question about metering. MMW tells us to keep -3 to -6 DB of headroom when mixing. On which meter? The traditional “VU” meter? Or the typical digital meter that goes up to 0 DB? Thanks!

Hey Derek,

I know that feeling. Hope you are now finding some more time for mixing. I use iZotope Insights, but there is so much debate across the web on this one has to which meters are accurate etc. The other thing I do is use the ‘peak’ level on the MixBuss (group channel) that Cubase shows just next to where you set the ‘level’ under the fader. Double click it and it resets, play a loud section and it the number will rise until its peak and then ‘hold’ there. I get that to -6 before the Mix Buss chain. Hope that helps…