Metering plugin vs. Metering in your daw

I am mixing thru my mixbuss watching my gain staging with tape and console on my mix buss. When I open PAZ metering plugin it shows that I am clipping I used RMS and Peak options. What level is correct the meter on my mix buss that shows -10 db vs the metering plug in.

What DAW are you using? I am not sure if PAZ uses True Peak or not but that large of a discrepancy suggest different meter calibrations. Check how your meters are calibrated in your DAW. Check to see if any of the plug-in’s on the master fader are clipping as well, if they are, you are clipping.

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I typically find that the meters within DAW’s tend to be funny at times, so I tend to view the meter readings in the plugin/s instead. As Paul stated above there are slight differences to various meter calibrations from DAW to DAW.

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I found that pro tools 12 does not default to pro tools classic metering. Right click the meter and change it to classic and do the same in the edit window meter at the top that helped with the difference in metering reads pro tools 12 is calibrated differently than previous versions