Metering Analysis and Discrepancies

What do you guys think of this ? (Especially interested in your feedback Paul and Danny)
This guy has done an analysis of metering within DAWS and plugs.

Here’s his results…


Slate FG-X
Logic 9 and Logic X
(Take care – the multimeter displays peak RMS by default, which muddies the water even further…)
Waves PAZ – 4dB off (?!)
T-RackS (All versions)


TT Meter
Ozone 5
Waves Dorrough
Voxengo SPAN
(Actually by default it’s wrong but this can be corrected using the “RMS +3dB” preference)
Reaper is about right, but the time constant needs to be correctly set to 300ms
Ableton (Version 9.5)
Waves WLM

Great idea for a video and if anyone knows levels, it is Ian Shepard, but the video is a few years old now, so beware plugins could have been updated and ‘moved lists’! I think the core idea of having a ‘test file’ that is calibrated and then testing that on your own DAW and/or plugins is good.

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