Mixing with Sonarworks messed things up

So I decided to buy Sonarworks for headphones. I tried mixing with and without Sonarworks on the masterbus.

After I disabled Sonarworks after mixing it just sounded terrible.

I’m pretty sure my approach has been wrong, as it was supposed to be a better mix and not a terrible mix after mixing through Sonarworks.

Any suggestions? What’s your experience with sonarworks? Does it improve your mixes or?

That’s why I stopped using it. There is no need to tune your headphone.When you get used to a pair of headphones, you can work with it anywhere, if you use this “calibration”, the reference function of the headphone will be invalid.You have to use it all the time with Sonarworks or you mess up.And I had Sonarworks for my monitor ,they are great at first time but when the time goes by ,you change your room ,maybe a new sofa or new gear or just touch your monitor ,Inadvertently moved a bit,your Sonarworks mess up again,so I quit and just work with natural acoustics

hmm, which mix sounds better when you have sonarworks enabled?

I guess you have to get used to the ‘sound’ like you would a new room. However, if you prefer mixing without sonarworks and you are use to your headphones frequency response then keep doing that.

I used to use two sets of headphones before I got sonarworks, as I didn’t find the HD650’s great at representing low and sub frequencies. Sonarworks did a great job of retifying the low end on 650’s but it took a little geetting used to.

I kind of had the same issue when I first started using it but I think You should look into getting “sonarworks systemwide” instead. That way you don’t have to worry about putting it on the masterbuss. It works really great for me, I use sonarworks religiously. But it does take some getting use to.

I’m not crazy about the SW plug in but Systemwide works really well for me. Quite dependent upon it now especially when using monitors in my small space but also for headphones.

I use systemwide and I like it a lot. I use the standard template for my headphones and a custom one for the room. Did take some getting used too. Also need a post-it note to remind me to switch from headphones to speakers setting when I do that in the real world…

I love Sonarworks and get great mixes with it. I never work without it. I also move between two different rooms on two coasts and get consistent mixes. If you change your room you do have to recalibrate it again.