Student Discount on Slate everything bundle?

Does anybody know if this is possible? Has anyone given it a shot?


Not tried, but go ahead Paul. Most of the current Edu discounts we have is through people asking the question.

Hi Paul, I gave it a shot about a week ago. Slate Replied back they do not give student discounts on the everything bundle. @Elton @Danny
They do say they give student discounts however, what would be a good package to go with a step down from the everything bundle?

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@TheSheep may be able to help. I know he was at one point buying individual plugins rather than the bundle. Not sure if he does still??

I use so much of the bundle though that it would take years to pay it off as outright purchase. I think the only thing they could do (but it would destroy their one off sales) is to do a rent to buy scheme where once you have paid ‘x’ you get ‘x’ in ‘owned’ plugins. Splice does this with Serum.

Thanks for your reply, John. I’ll certainly be looking into it. I am curious about slate, I have very little experience with their products being more of a FabFilter/Waves guy for years. I’ll let you know if I have any interesting findings!


Hi @PaulB @Elton,

I tried to get discount very early on but they refused. I think since then Danny has sorted that out. I am 100% sure they don’t discount the Everything Bundle as they have stated its pretty cheap already.

Elton is correct, I don’t buy too many plugins as I pick the best ones learn them inside out and get the best out of them. So I’ve only bought select ones and I believe you can now get a discount with valid Student ID etc on individual plugs.

I will say this, try Slate, their plugs are awesome, you might find you want the Everything Bundle as its very cost effective and they’re great quality plugs.