Use those EDU discounts!


Thanks for the quick reply. Crossing my fingers now. :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,
I was checking out Nob Control (after discussing it & EDU discount in graduates club) and they don’t do EDU discounts (Worth a try though). Figured I’d post the e-mail response:

Hi Sean,
unfortunately, we do not provide education discounts. Please get in touch, if you have further questions.
Best regards,
Dio Marinos

NOB CONTROL UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Am Wehrhahn 16
40211 Düsseldorf


I don’t think any ‘hardware’ guys like Edu discounts. It is normally software only…


With Steinberg - Cubase 9.5 Pro - have students purchased through Sweetwater or Steinberg? I’m pondering buying Cubase because of the shade cast on Ableton for mixing. I see Sweetwater at $325 and Steinberg for $339 direct - both downloaded versions.

Steinberg says you have to be enrolled full-time - and I suppose if I’m signed up for the mixing and mastering class that would qualify - Has that held true?


Steinberg were not keen that the enrolment letter didn’t have an end date, just a start date. That has been modified now, so when you download your enrolment letter, it states the year for which you are attending the program. That should help. After all, Next Level Sound is the only Online Music Production School that is also a Steinberg Accredited Training Centre.


Yup, it works fine afterwards. Thanks for all guys.
I could not order Cubase from sweetwater because I lived in Europe, but I ordered it from Steinberg shop, and with the updated enrollment letter, everything finally went smoothly and fast.
Thanks again.


Does anybody know how much of a student discount slate digital gives you?


Apple accepts the edu discount as well, got $500 off my iMac pro


can’t fin the place where we get the student certificate anymore… it used to be an easy place to find where uou would fill a form… is this gone ?