New UAD Helios69 Preamp!
I really love the original EQ. Super great on bass, guitar, and kicks. I even like to use it on snares sometimes Can’t wait to test the preamp in a mix later! also anybody that has the MK1 version gets 100 bucks off the MKII til the end of Febuary.

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I love the mk1, so gotta try this…

It kind of sounds like the preamp actually is a built in guitar amp :slight_smile:

Adds a lot of weight, I shall be purchasing this beauty.

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So I got the legacy one for free and I thought “oh who cares its a legacy version”

But I’ve thrown it on my master channel and in one track boosting at 100hz and again at 700hz and WOW!

I understand now why people like this helios one.

Now I’m curious to know if the new version is $200 better than the legacy because its pretty damn good and there would have to be a dramatic improvement to justify a full $200.

Anyone got both?

I use v1 but looking forward to thoughts on v2 from anyone who trials or uses it…

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I have both and I am planning to do a plug-in analysis of the mk2. I will add the legacy in to the analysis.

I can infer that the legacy has a similar frequency response but will not saturate, the mk2 saturates at multiple points, so can produce many different tones.