Ssl channel strip saturation and additive eq on same channel, howto using UAD SSL 4000 E?

Guys, I just bought the SSL4000 E channel strip from UAD. I see that it comes with the eq strip built into it. Just wondering how I can use it to saturate and do additive eq on the same channel… given that the additive eq taught at this school comes further down the mix chain after the console saturation. Do I insert a 2nd copy further down the chain for eq only… and somehow disable the eq in the one used at the top of the chain for console saturation. I ask because in the video series the slate plugins were used and these elements are separated into separate components in slate.

Here’s a couple thoughts:

  1. You could use it twice if you have enough DSP through your UAD interface, but last I checked the SSL channel strip took up 30% of my Apollo Twin’s DSP - so with 2, you’re up to 60% and that’s just takes up way too much.

  2. The SSL Channel strip actually makes things significantly brighter, so I’d be cautious about layering them up. You definitely still can, but just be cautious that it doesn’t get too harsh.

  3. In terms of saturation, it’s console emulation - and not something like trash or decapitator. So it’s going to be subtle and not be adding all too many new harmonics. So if I were in your situation, I would skip using it at the start of the chain (no console emulation) and then use the SSL as your additive EQ plugin (which will also provide console emulation). Worst case scenario, if it adds a harshness you don’t like, throw on a digital reductive EQ after it and make the adjustments.