Best Practice for the use of UAD 610B preamp?

There is a lot about the use and applications of the various consoles for saturation, eq and compression. I was wondering if anyone routinely uses the UAD 610B preamp and eq. If so, what is it best used on?

I used the 610a often, mainly on vocals and strings but any source that required a warm and dense saturation. I used the 610b less but again had success on vocals and strings. The 610b has higher fidelity, so not as warm and a less dense low end. I found the 610b gives a nice ‘knock’ to house music kick drums.

Thanks again Paul! I have used it pretty much on everything ( synths and drum machines) since it was all I had. It does sound clearer/crisper than the Console E, although the Console E seems to have a lot more saturation in the low end.

Yeah, I really like the sound of the SSL, I did a plug-in analysis of the E Series Channel Strip, not sure if you have checked it out yet:

The SSL is my favourite, especially for dance, sometimes its a little bright though and the 88RS takes it place.

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Wow! That’s awesome. I will definitely be taking some time to look a bit more into the analysis. Nice one!

Thanks Paul for this awesome analysis!

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