Using console EQ and Compression with UAD Unison preamps

I produce techno, and have never really considered using console emulations. After starting the Mixing Foundations course, I am now trialing the SSL E Console in the Unison slot of my Apollo Twin. It makes kicks, especially 909’s sound amazing! (despite what Deadmaus says) So, I have Console E, then Oxide, then either L2 or 1176 in my chain as I record from the Apollo. Is it good practice to use the musical compression and eq from the Console E before adding the reductive eq and technical compression Ableton (along with another additive eq after)?

Yes, best practise is to utilise the EQ/Comp sections of the console at that point in the chain. I woould definitely not add the console again further in the chain to say add compression or additive EQ.

Agreed, some of the console processors are amazing, I often used the API Vison on the master bus before the 2500 was released. The SSL and Neve 88RS comps are also very good.

Deadmau5 was talking about the SSL G Bus compressor on a kick, the compressor in the channel strip is different and designed for individual tracks, so I would definitely use it.

Thanks Paul! That initial processing makes such a difference in getting that much sought after tight, beefiness for kicks and basses right away. It’s great to hear I’m on the right track with it. :slight_smile: