Console 1 in MMW Channelstrip

Hey Guys,
so i’m pretty new here and just watching the Mixing Foundation Videos.
I’ve been making music for a while now and got my mixes pretty fine sounding, but wanna improve my sound.
I recently bought Softubes Console 1, to be more hands-on while mixing, but when concerning the mmw channelstrip i was wondering if and how to implement console 1 into this.
Is anyone doing it? Any recommendations?


Hey Max,

I keep flirting with the idea of getting the console 1. It doesn’t really change anything in terms of the channel strip, its just whether you are using a mouse or hardware. Also, then it will be whether the console has direct support for the plugins you are using. be great to hear how you get on with various plugins and which one’s work out of the box and which don’t seem to work at all.

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Well concerning the mmw channelstrip, console 1 would be doing 1,6,9 & 10. You can change the order, though i dont know when the console coloration happens.
Cause 8 is just bounce and 7 is musical compression i’d say that this means:
Saturation and Amping, Musical compression -> Console 1 -> stereo width, additive eq, limiter etc…?
Then you’d still do musical comp. before red. eq and transient design before technical comp. (cause of console 1s working order) which leaves me whondering if that wont ruin some big parts of dannys mixing philosophy?!

Maybe @Danny can give us an opinion or some clarity?

PS: i got it very recently, so just using the SSL 4000 it comes with, but so far its pretty need. Still need to use it more though, so i will give a review soon.

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So this is my Channelstrip with Console 1 atm:

I used the mmw channelstrip as an orientation and implemented the plugins i own that seemed well suited.
Gonna make improved versions, but maybe you get the idea.
I will start to use it in the next mix and will update you, how it does the job.

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Curious how you are getting on with the workflow? Still using console one?

I am also curious… I have the console one but thinking of selling it and picking up a used Behringer BCR2000. The issue with the console 1 is the lack of ability to send straight midi data…

It feels like a silly work around to insert the console 1 into the MMW channel strip, feels like you are doing it just to use the console 1, and for only two pieces of the channel strip. IDK, for me just feels forced.

I’d rather have a piece of hardware that lets me control ALL of my plugins, and in the order I want. Not one that only controls two pieces of a ten or twelve piece channel strip.

I feel like with a BCR2000 and some time to build program banks for it, you could gain complete plugin control from the hardware.