Softube Tape

Using Studio One and eyeing the new Softube Tape plugin. The Gearslut reviews are all really positive and the plus for me would be that Studio One has the option of Tape as a console mix input (only studio one has this integrated function built in). They go on to say that crosstalk can be linked for all channels in the mix. Is this a desirable thing ? Danny, it’d be great if you wanna do a review of this one. The low CPU usage and ability to easily insert this across every channel in the mix and control it from one interface seems to be the tits. Also it seems to me maybe Tape is the equivalent to UAD’s Oxide ? Lemme know what you guys think ? Oh yeah, I just picked up a UAD Thunderbolt OCTO and the 6 Plug bundle in time for the NLMastering course. Whooot ! I left UAD about 6 years ago due to CPU issues but I am stoked to be coming back.

Haha. Nevermind. I just watched Danny’s video on Tape from the 27th. Great stuff. Thanks.

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