IK multimedia tape collection


Anybody get a chance to check out the new tape collection? Probably gonna demo this week.

Sounds like a good candidate for test kicthen? @Danny

if you already tested it in the kitchen, please report the result :wink:

Not yet, I have mentioned it to @Danny.

Super pumped about Danny and the rest of the crew take on it.

well. i got around to demoing.

Really does that tape thing more than any other tape plugin ive used.

Super high CPU. doesn’t look like it uses multicore… on my system I can only run a single instance.

I love it, have been using the 440 oddly enough and it just is lovey

I’ve been using a lot of IK stuff lately, I have 22 Uad cores and literally reach for only a few of their plug-I s anymore

No Uad on the mastering chain anymore, either, Atr-102 has been swapped out with the 440 or one of the other depending on what the tracks is asking for

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it alsounds amazing. agree. has a great compression/glue that the other tapes just dont have.

installed on my desktop machine but the whole t-rack /ik shop is a huge turn off for me. even just getting the trial activated as a real pita. gonna pass on any t-racks stuff until they move to ilok or something much simpler. makes me upset too softube is doing very similar huge install thing.