Ozone 8 & Neutron 2

Hey guys,

Have you tried the new Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 yet?

Is it worth it?



Thanks for posting @Anthony. We have been waiting for this.

Love the idea of loading up your reference tracks and it works out the verse/chorus bit etc. Not tried it yet, but it could be a great way for working with reference tracks. I will be trying it soon. I also like that IZotope market this kind of tool as ‘saving you time’ by dialling you in to problem areas, not ‘doing the job for you’.

Here’s the link for Ozone guys

And remember students of the academy get educational discounts, so use https://www.izotope.com/en/support/knowledge-base/edu-academic-discount-policy.html

Can’t wait to get @Danny’s take on this. Also Trash 2 expansions that you get with Trash 2 now.

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I think there will be massive debate on this around the ‘artificial intelligence’ part. I thought James sums it up well in this video…


It’s the final comments that i had picked up on in Izotope’s wording. They are saying that the plugins don’t ‘do it for you’, but rather they help identify things and make suggestions…

The big problem I see is not really having someone/thing make suggestions, it is CPU. To get this to work properly, you need an instance on every channel. Good luck with that one! I guess you could leave it to the stem mastering stage but that’s not what they are suggesting.