iZotope O8N2 (Ozone 8) - Product news



I’ve just seen that iZotope are releasing Ozone 8 sometime in October. There’s not much info but thought I’d share the news.
Here’s the link; O8N2



That’s exciting Sean! I’m convinced isotope will have a button that learns your mix and can master it perfectly for you without much effort…lol

The graphics also look quite exquisite!

Hope you are having fun with the mixing music!


Jacob, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Who needs to learn to mix or master when “iZotope” can do it all for you?
Moths to a flame. Haha!
Hope you’re well?


Thanks doing well here…

I like the ozone match equalizer things like that definitely speed up the process…
I think hardest part of using ozone is gauging the multiband compressor properly and also not to go bananas with harmonic exciter.

always a fan of your comments/music thanks for sound advice.