Neutron from iZotope anyone?

Alloy2 got discontintued but iZotope is offering a $79 upgrade until March 30th, 2017.

Has anyone compared Neutron to Alloy2’s features yet? Wondering if Trash2 is heading that way too…

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Wow! ok…i thought that might be coming…we tried neutron out in our test kitchen and we did not like it on first try…but we might have been in a bad mood…with this news we need to do another testing for sure…more to come…thanks for the heads up…

I was hoping they finally release Alloy 3… @Danny maybe it is time for shootout webinar: Alloy vs Neutron?

Alloy vs Neutron would be a very interesting webinar.

I didn’t like the limiter algorithms in Neutron at all but thought the rest of it was okay. I have much better EQs, Saturators and Transient Designers so I have never used it since purchase. I guess the masking feature is good for analysis when learning to mix but no use for us, although a nice feature. I was unsatisfied with the track analysis results, perhaps I am being overly bias, though, as I do not like the idea.

Pew Pew Pew! I’d love a shootout between Neutron and Alloy2’s features

we did it and it was not pretty…but as usual i would like to re-visit it with fresh ears…we do need a channel strip and right now our system is lacking a really good channel strip…

Have you looked into the track assistant to see if it might do something you might do, or if it might do something
you wouldn’t usually do but might work. Im curious about it being a learning tool and how effective it is, if you could use it in a constructive way rather than trying to get it to do a job for you

I just bought Neutron because there was no Alloy 2 anymore. So far, I pretty love it. The reason why I bought Neutron was for the “Transient Designer” itself which I love so much in Alloy 2. Of course, Neutron “Track Assistant”, you need to take what you can take and forget the rest. What’s great is that sometimes it just gives me ideas, sometimes it does exactly the final touches I needed in my mix on some elements. But sometimes the “Track Assistant” can give me weird answers, that’s why I don’t use it all the time, but when you know how to mix as we did with Danny, it’s a really helpful tool. I don’t feel like the “Transient Designer” in Neutron is the one in Alloy 2, but still it does a really great job!