Plugin Alliance 1-Week Mega Sale!

Plugin Alliance have just launched a 1-week mega sale!

The SPL Iron is only $99! We all loved this plug-in and voted it best in Graduates Club.

Plugin Alliance Website


just wanted to post that :wink:

is there anything else on sale to watch/buy?
im thinking of the spl transient designer - is it any good?!

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I prefer the UAD version but if you don’t use UAD the Plugin Alliance one is a close second! It also is more feature rich if you pick up the ‘plus’ version. Again, I use UAD for channel strips but they do eat up your DSP, I hear the Plugin Alliance consoles sound very good, especially the SSL E and G and N. The Metric AB gets a lot of love for referencing.

I believe we are going to check out Phil’s Cascade in test kitchen on Friday, so that could be a possibility.

i just rewatched the transient design video(s) from class and as i already have alloy and neutron, i think i´ll stick to them.

but i couldnt resist to buy the iron. it sounds really awesome and its 1/3 of the regular price!
it´s a real beast!

I love the SPL Iron. Also the new synth Thorn is great for hip-hop and edm. Really cuts through and very modern sounding. Also the SPL Consoles are nice if you don’t have UAD.