Something instead of Alloy 2

Hi, I am a big fan of Alloy 2’s deesser, is there anything what subtitues it? Any experiences? Specially for mastering?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Ivan! Me too! It is simple and works so well. Have you tried Pro-DS from Fabfilter?

Hi Danny! I have it, but I like the way you use it in tandem with Alloy 2. Is there any sort of musical deess out there?

That’s a really good question and idea. Back in the day at the NYC studio we had a beta pair of Manley de-essers - and they were exactly that…musical de-essers. I don’t think they ever really mass-produced them, but they sounded super cool, were really simple to use and had make-up gain/eq.

Sounds like Slate should make us some musical de-essers like their new musical gates.

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I use Pro-DS as well and the Slate Eiosis De-esser

Thanks! I’ll give it a try!