De-essing with Slates Tape Machine?

Hey guys,

i been messing around with a mix down of mine, and tested the Slate VTM as a De-esser. It actually sounds so clean and warm once i tried de-essing bright elements in my mix. Has anyone tried working this way? I like it way more than Alloys Desser. I set it up right before my Limiter when I’m channel stripping.



I haven’t but that is a great idea, I am sure to check this out!

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Paul! Hope all is well man!

Yes, i been testing it out, and man, it does something to the sound that gives it warmth but keeps the brightness without being harsh. Tell me what you think when you test it.

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I am doing good man, and yourself?

I checked this out last night and damn it sounds good! I will be reaching for a saturator first from now on, it sounds so much smoother and musical.