Using Slate VTC


Hey everyone!

I recently picked up the Slate everything bundle, and i’m really enjoying it. I’ve been using both VCC a and VTM and have just turned my attention to VTC. Before I fully immerse myself into it (and wishing to move along in Mixing Foundations) I wanted to ask you guys how you use it and what results you have found with it. More specifically, do you use it to replace VCC, or more as an alternative to Decapitator after tape and console emulation? Do you throw it on the mix buss? Your input and experience with these modules is much appreciated!


So far I really love Hollywood and London across the master buss. Lots of character! Anyone else?


I picked up the Slate everything bundle as well. Trying some new methods. Recently been using the Slate Lift on leads to give extra top that I seem to miss on my monitors. Also looking to mix my sub - mixes against their compressors.


I love all three of them for different applications. New York is so definitely ‘New York’!!




London is the one my ears prefer : )