Waves vs slate vintage stuffs - urgent choice to make :-)

Hey there,

Say I can get slate VMR for 100 euros, or waves SSL + API + Neve (v-seires) collections for 135, what would be the best choice for me to make ?

(the only vintage EQ I have is the sly-fy Axis EQ. In terms of comp, I have ubk and waves puigchild)

thanx a lot ! just started the mixing foundation self-study course, I already learnt a lot !

julien thebob

for the price I will go for slate, I have the everything bundle and I rarely use waves

+1 for Slate. For $15/month it is a no-brainer
Waves has some nice plugins - NLS, Vynil. But for EQs and Compressors Slate is better I think.

Another +1 here for Slate too. The everything bundle is definitely a no brainier… Uase it on every channel of every track!