NEW: Slate: Virtual Tube Collection

Whats up guys, long time no speak. Hope everyone is doing well.

To all my Slate users. Slate just came out today with a new Virtual Tube Collection (3) and I’m pretty excited to try these out. Watch Steven Slate show them in examples on 3 different mixes. Was pretty impressed with the examples! This is something i can see myself using in my arsenal for mixing. Would love to get Danny’s and everyones input on how you guys would use it in your mixing and your overall thoughts on this!

Cheers everyone!- Francisco Lozano


@Danny Would love to get your thoughts on this. Much love!

hey francisco! thanks for this! we will test drive these this week. i really like that Slate keeps coming out the more, new stuff all of the time. shows real passion and productivity.

Totally agree. When i got the notification on my email that this came out. It put a smile on my face lol. Im trying it out now on the KICK bus on a mix down of mine. The London blew my mind on how it made it sound, more Warm and punchy, (with minimal settings) then what it sounded like before it on. I added it right before the limiter.

YES! This is great news!

Thanks for the find @FranciscoLozano, this week was mix week for me on mixing foundations. Let’s just say my mix features all three of these thanks to your post. They ‘do exactly what it says on the tin’ as we brits would say!

What I really like is that Slate have our $15/month regardless, so to keep pushing forward when they could take the foot off the gas a bit. That’s good.

Thanks again…