Slate Digital: NEW Audified U73b Compressor

Now available to everyone as a free update who has the Slate Digital Everything Bundle.

"The Audified U73b compressor module recreates the sound of an old, lush, warm, German vari-mu tube broadcast limiter from the 1960’s. And now, it’s available in the Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack for all Everything Bundle members. The quality and distinction of its sound coupled with the scarcity of the original device, makes the U73b compressor plugin a top choice among producers and engineers.

For more info on the Audified U73b head to:" via Slate TV (

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Maybe @Danny could have a look at it during Graduates club or Test Kitchen?

I think this is a must for test kitchen :slight_smile:

Not tonight though, my WiFi is shocking here. @Danny did warn me! Will be there next week…