Oeksound Soothe

Howdy all.
This plugin has come up on my radar a bunch of times in the past 6 months.

Greg wells gave it a big shout out which is where i first heard of it.
Now its been nominated for various awards.
I scooped it yesterday and now it replaces Pro-DS on the mix bus.
It’s a dynamic de-resonator that is very powerful
@Danny and others have you come across this one?

danny showed it to us in nlm1 and i tried it on a track of mine and im totally in love with it. it seems to be able to tame the harshest (piano) sounds and still preserves the energy of the instrument.

its not cheap, but i think its worth every cent!

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I have the melda suite so, I wonder how this compares to Melda Spectral Dynamics. Obv the melda tool will be 1000% more complicated :wink:

Note to self to stick this on my plugin list arsenal when working through tracks. :memo:

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I have it and spiff. They’re both excellent if used carefully. I’ve seen a few people online slate it, but if overdone as with anything it will sound bad. I think it’s a great tool, there’s some wizardfuckery going on with it and I recommend it!

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