Anybody try Ozone 8 yet? Is it worth it to upgrade from 7?

Hey everybody,

So I’ve been wondering what everyone’s thoughts/impressions were for the new Ozone 8. I’m a big fan of 7, and as many of us already know on the prior version to that they really dropped the ball on version 6. Did they once again step up their game with 8 or are most of you sticking with 7? I’m also hearing that FabFilter may have just whooped the Izotope maximizer’s butt with their new Pro-L2. Thoughts? Many thanks!

  • Kev

Hi Kev

We did a pro-l 2 vs ozone 7 maximizer shootout with Danny at the test kitchen yesterday and the pro-l 2 won alittle bit…
With 32xoversampling the pro l 2 had a little bit clearer and smoother/fuller sound than ozone 7.
At least this was my/our first impression.
I think the conclusion was that with 32xoversampling on,true peak limiting off, slow attack and aggressive limiting mode on the pro l 2 was able to beat ozone 7 in this case…
Where you there btw? Have you tried pro-l 2?


The upgrade to Ozone 8 Advanced was a no brainer for me. Really nice update. And yes, the O8 Maximizer is improved since O7. I love both the O8 Maximizer and the Pro-L2 as main limiters for different projects. If I had to chose only one of these I would chose O8 thanks to the other tools which comes with it. For only the “technical limiter” part I would chose Pro-L2 thanks to the nicer workflow. The sound quality is similar in my opinion.