Black Friday 2017 deals

Hey guys, could be worth creating a list of deals going on…

Start with;

Any more?

I am sad men… I was expecting to get the UAD bundle and saids that I need a UAD acelerator :frowning:

If you don’t already have UAD hardware, go for the package that includes 3 plugins when you do (custom). If you use that to get the three most expensive ones, you Save a lot then anyway… is full of deals right now :slight_smile:

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What is the cheapest alternative…if I just want to have the ATR Tape Machine plus the HW!?

@alexfree, it will depend which country etc for the hardware. In terms of cheapest, they do a solo, duo, quad and octo. The difference being the number of processors and therefore the number of plugins you can run. I would say the absolute minimum is the duo but ideally quad and then the octo is great but not cheap!

The lower number of processors you have, the more often you will end up needing to bounce/freeze tracks basically. And the challenge is that you will want your UAD on the tracks you don’t tend to bounce.

However, here is the real catch. You won’t just use UAD for the ATR. If that is all you wanted it for, I would say don’t go UAD. I love UAD, but I wouldn’t do it just for ATR. This is why the more processors the better.

My advice (for what it’s worth);

Wait until all 12 days of UAD are revealed so that you can see all of the deals. Then, already have a list of three UAD plugins that are the most expensive, which you would like. For me starting out, that would be ATR, SSL e channel strip and The Massive Passive. But that is just looking at what I use that I cant find as good in Slate. From a cost point, if you can’t do,regular large payments to UAD, Slate $15/month is a Godsend. Even if you can, it is still awesome.

Knowing the sale price of the three and then also the ‘bundle of 3’ price, compare that with the UAD custom version of ideally a quad, but if budget insists, do a Duo (you can add up to 4 UAD cards/boxes.

But finally Alex, I have heard some awesome mixes in the school and you would think they had all the UAD in the world and it turns out they have none. One thing I learnt by doing the course is that $1 of good education goes a lot further than even a Black Friday $1 on more plugins. The real secret is how to use them.


I am hoping for Moog XL…


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