What's not to like?

OK guys, It’s the weekend and I am sure the Cubase guys will be running for the 9.5 upgrade and having a play. So, what do you like and what do you want in Cubase 10?

For me, the additional inserts will stop me using Patchwork. Which (sorry Blue cat, and thank you for your help to date), is a good thing. I would like to see sidechaining dealt with better.

I like the fact that I can send multiple channels to one ‘sidechain’, but I don’t like how it uses up a send. Maybe a solution is you can accept sidechains into a plugin via either ‘channels sent to this plugin’ (current method) or by ‘choosing a channel’. I think Logic does the latter? I don’t use logic, but from memory when I have seen videos.

Even better would be you choose whichever channels you want (multiple) to come into the sidechain and have a ‘band’ for each channel coming in.

Thoughts anyone?

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Hi Elton,

I am running Cubase Pro 9 and will upgrade when the first maintenance release of 9.5 Pro will come! You can do that already now, as they are separated and you have both the old and new version side by side as different applications! I like to wait for them to fix the first bugs first to use it in production, but for testing etc its ok!

From my experience its worth to go to these intermediate upgrades x.5, as normally it takes a long time until the next full version!

When it comes to side chain, depending on music, it is not so bad…you can chose many options, having a side chain plugin, a gate, a specific compressor or even automate, depends on…what kind of music are you doing?

Definitely get the idea of waiting for the bug fixes to be done!

@alexfree what is the side chain plugin? That sounds like something I would want! At the moment, for me to side-chain things (to the kick for example), I currently (Cubase 9.0) route a ‘send’ from the kick channel to a ‘group’ channel, which I then send to as many more group channels as I need, so that these can use their sends to send to the side-chain input of the many side chain inputs I use! Just to save confusion, these are all pre-fade sends, with the fader fully down, so no audio going to the Mix Buss etc. It works, but is a ball ache!

I use a LOT of layering for my trance stuff, so I will side chain different channels to each other too, so I can have easily 20-30 instances of ProMB running all needing a side-chain input.

@Elton I use the Volume shaper from Cableguys and the LFOTool from Xfer a lot! - Nicky Romera Kickstart is another I have tested, simple and good!

I put it normally in the last insert slot in Cubase - either on a group, like you or on the audio tracks!

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Ah, OK. Yes, I use Volume Shaper. I think it is a lot better to use something like ProMB though to dial in the right ‘tango’ between the kick and the bass especially. Have you used any of the other Cable Guys stuff. I think they have some awesome tools. Movement is cool. Pan Shaper too.

Volume Shaper and LFO Tool obviously can help with the ‘static’ sidechaining (kick on every beat), but as soon as you put in an extra kick, or the kick stops, you then have to automate the ‘on/off’ or the ‘speed’ (quantise). Still have their place though…

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Correct @Elton!

So I assume you use heavy sidechaining in your music!?

Do you even use sidechaining on your master, I have heard that some people even doing it on the master, of course only for some frequencies!

Hi Elton,

We do indeed need more sidechaining freedom. In Logic PX you do as you said, you select it from the plugin, very simple quick and easy to use.
With Pro MB you can get a very accurate sidechain to kicks, vocals etc. In Cubase 10 we need this freedom as it is a very fundamental part of mixing/production. @Danny would you be able to talk to your guys in the know and get them to look at a better sidechaining experience?


I don’t tend to use it at the mastering stage, but if stem mastering and it needed it, I would. I don’t think it’s a no-no. I do see the mastering stage though as more ‘invisible magic’ rather than still in the creative zone. So, I wouldn’t want to change the feel or vibe of a track at that stage. Especially if it was someone else’s track.