A Question About Sidechaining

Evening everyone, my question is in regards to a good Sidechaining workflow. My scenario is usually I have a lot of sounds going on and I want to Sidechain everything that needs to be sidechained accordingly, the thing is I’ll usually have so much Sidechaining going on that it begins to eat up my CPU significantly. Any way around this or am I going to have to just Sidechain each and every single individual track how I have been doing respectively? Maybe I’m over doing it with the Sidechaining?

What compressor are you using for SC? Shouldn’t take up too much CPU.

Evening to u Paul! I use the Pro-MB for Sidechaining, the thing is let’s say I have like 20 different sounds, I’ll want to Sidechain everything accordingly but some times start running low on CPU if I have that and all my Reverb Return Tracks’ channel stripping working as well. I may have found a work around though, to Render let’s say my Kick and Reverb once I’m done with the channel stripping on the return track (and the Kick Track) into a sound wave and then perhaps side chain that new track Kick with Reverb to everything else (Bass,Leads,Chords etc.) to save some CPU and to do the same with all the other sounds that have Reverb Return Tracks. I put reverb on everything so it’s a lot of plugins plus the sidechaining that start to eat up the CPU.

Group sounds together to a sidechain buss. I have nearly all of my tracks going to a “sidechain” track that has Volumeshaper on it. I trigger the volume shaper with midi. This is for hard EDM style sidechaining though


Grizo what DAW are you using?

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Hey there BigBreakMusic I’m using FlStudios the latest version.

Ah okay well one I am not that familiar with. But I think Pushandstart explained it above. There are usually a couple of things I am side chaining:

  1. Bass to kick
  2. Synths to kick
  3. Instrumentals to vocal

Of course there can me all sorts of intricate derivatives - one synth to another or synth to a bass. But I find those three are the ones I use most.

So if synths and bass are side chained to the kick you can have one send to handle those and an additional one if you were ducking the instrument track to the vocals.

Another way do to it is put a compressor with side chain or the bass group or the synth group (track stack or whatever it is called in FL) and do the entire group (if more than one track).

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Nice yea so I’ll do all the kick and some bass and I usually go through with Pro-Mb to each sound and I’ll see where there are clashing frequencies and muiltiband approach it going through each instrument to see what I can do, my struggle is usually trying to decide how much Sidechaining to do in regards to how much dB I should duck so it sounds as transparent as possible and not a bunch of holes in the sound. Love that Pro-Mb!