A Question About Side Chaining Part Deux

Howdy there y’all, so my question is in regards to how to achieve Transparent Sidechaining and some general questions about some Sidechain Techniques, as well as a question about the Range of how much dB people are ducking from their sound? I use Pro-Mb so I have a Range setting that I use and I’ll usually duck anywhere from -6 to -12 dB, does that sound about right like it should do the trick? Do I choose how much to duck by my ear until there is some clarity in the sound I want present (the trigger) without my other sound (the ducker) being ducked too much? I use the MMW method with a hard knee, 6:1 ratio, fastest attack fast release with the freeband so I can make it a quick response as possible, but ultimately I’m going for a smooth transparent Sidechain duck without it sounding like it’s breathing. Any advice is much appreciated!

It is for sure an ear and taste thing. I am doing around that range but I may pull it down more depending. If it is bass to kick then I want to hear that kick transient and then that bass sound come right in afterwards (if the bass is lower than the kick). If the kick has a lower sub element and I want it to ring out I will play with the release time so that the bass comes in after that.

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